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Public Service Messages  
Public services messages are cablecast as still text and graphic messages or provided video messages. They are scheduled in 4-7 minutes segments and throughout the day between other programs.
Non-profit community groups, government departments and educational institutions in Pitt County may submit event announcements. All messages must be non-commercial in nature. We do not accept classified or personal ads. 
GPAT can create a text graphic of the message or it may be submitted ready for air.
If GPAT is to create the graphic, the message should be 50 words or less. GPAT will not edit messages longer than 50 words.

If you want to create your own message or, if you want to convey your information with more than 50 words, you must create the graphic yourself and furnish it to GPAT. Prepared messages should be JPG files with a size of 720x456 pixels.

Public service messages should be submitted via email to or by mail to GPAT 300B Arlington Blvd., Greenville, NC 27834 at least 10 days before it must appear on the channel. In addition to your message include information about when the message should start and what date it should end. No other paper work is required.
Public service messages created on video should be submitted using the same rules as other video programs. Local producer and program information forms must be filled out.