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Submitting programs electronically   

This method eliminates the need to use physical media (DVD, flash drive) to provide your program to GPAT.

1. protocol

You must be a producer to submit a program electronically.

All forms, files and emails must follow GPAT23 requirements and procedures.

You must provide a program information form for each program & all parts and pertinent information should be filed out, especially parts 10 through 15.

Programs submitted electronically should not have any pre-or post-roll time (i.e. no black before the program starts.)

2. File type

Files should be exported as MPEG2 files with the following parameters:

Standard Definition (SD) --NTSC 4:3 aspect ratio          

Video Resolution: 720 x 480

Picture Rate: 29.97 pictures per second  

Bit Rate: Maximum of 10 Mb   --Sampling Format: 4:2:0

Audio Format: MPEG-2 using Audio Layer II --Audio Frequency: 44.1 KHz

If using Adobe Premiere Pro, use the preset: "NTSC DV High quality"

3. File name

File name must be noted on Program Information Form.

File name should contain NO SPACES and no more than 27 characters.

First 3 characters are producer number -----followed by a hyphen

Next 6 characters are the date that the program be first cablecast. (Month,Day,Year: 070413)

If you don't know when the program when be first cablecast, then enter name of program.

4. Method

To transfer files to GPAT23, you must use Dropbox.

In Dropbox, you must create a folder that you will share with GPAT23. The name of this folder must use the producer's number and name. Example: "222 John Doe Productions." To give GPAT23 access to the files in your folder, enter the email address:

You must inform GPAT23 that you have posted your program by sending an email to with attached program information form.

Email subject line should say: "Name of Show  debut:12/12/12"