BMI Title pagePaul Foxworth, BMI Host

The Black Male Initiative TV Program is seen every Monday evening at 7pm, and many other times on GPAT 23.

BMI 20 Dr. Dalton Kornegay—Clinical Temperament Therapist
BMI 19
BMI 18 Jean Farmer Butterfield
BMI 17 Shaw University
BMI 16 Farris Dixon
BMI 15 David Hammond
BMI 14 George Davis
BMI 13 James Fairfaix
BMI 12 Donald Spell
BMI 11 Xavier Lightfoot
BMI 10 Calvin Henderson
BMI 09 Rufus Huggins
BMI 08 Ernis Lee
BMI 07 Raymond Shaw
BMI 06 Farris Dixon
BMI 05 Zed Mitchell
Program 4: Mental health with Barry Dixon

The Black Male Initiative Television Program is made possible by Zion Hill FWB Church and Elevate Financial Network. If you would like to be a guest on our program, need more information from one of our guests, or would like to help support this program financially, please send correspondence to our email address at or write us at The Black Male Initiative, % Zion Hill FWB Church, P O Box 511, Ayden, NC 28513.

Program 3: Handling stress with Reginald Shaw


Program 2: Health and wellness with Dr. Calvin Ellison


Program 1: Preventative health with Tyree Walker



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